I found this lipstick at the bottom of my lipstick box today.  Totally forgot I had it, and totally forgot how much I looove it.  So I’m trying to wear it as much as possible for the last of the summer days.  Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how to wear bright bright lip colors…at least it is for me, and I’m sure there is at least one other girl out there who feels the same.  Back in February I did a tutorial on this lipstick and how I wear it for a daytime or night time look.  So here it is.

2014-02-06 21.42.47

2014-02-06 21.42.10


  *Keep in mind I did make this in Feb for Valentine’s day.  I promise I do in fact know what time of year it is 😉


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  • Sheela Goh January 30, 2015 at 6:04 AM

    Hahahaha!! My cross is sporting barely there shades. I feel it’s a fine line between wearing the “morning after walk of shame” look and RuPaul gone wrong 🙂 you look lovely.